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Presentation of the site to learn Arabic "Daralfasaha"

Daralfasaha is site to learn Arabic literary home online with professors 100% Arabic speakers.

We are a center for learning Arabic to non-Arabic speakers. Our program is configured so that everything follows continuous; it is an almost unique kind program and differs much from other programs taught in many other centers. This program been elaborated by the General Supervisor of the site, and by the grace of Allah, we were able to practice for more than 14 years; program which in the beginning was taught from head. Then, after the insistence of some students, so that the program is writtenwe started to write books that are an introduction to the Arabic language. This great insistence on teaching the program, particularly from students who have studied some levels with us and have traveled in their country and wanted to complete the program, pushed us to open this siteو To study this program over the Internet, and we answer student demand. Hoping that Allah will make a cause for those who can not travel to the countries where the language is studied, reaching their goal. While we insisting that traveling for learning the Arabic language is even more beneficial. And we inform you that this program, if Allah wills, will be a cause to understand the books of scientists and to be able to attend their lessons, and enjoy their benefits. As will be also for understanding the Qur’an and the Hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), Allah gives guidance to the right path, and grant success to the sincerity.

The team Daralfasaha

As-Saalam Alaikum wa rahmatuAllahi wa bara katahu,
I had a wonderful experience learning the Arabic language with Dar al Fasaha. The way the teacher engages with us students was beyond expectations and really allowed us to bond with the teacher. Not only did this motivate us to study harder but we looked forward to having our classes.Our teacher has sufficient knowledge of the Arabic language, Alhamdulillah. We plan on taking the next course with the same instructor bi’ithnillah. May Allah allow us to excel in our studies for the sake of Allah. May Allah reward the administration and instructors of this institute with all that is good. May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings, and may He also allow us to live and die upon the Haqq, Ameen.

Pishawa ibn Khalil

Student, Daralfasaha