Intensive Arabic Language Seminar

The DarAlfasaha Institute offers an intensive Arabic language seminar. Indeed, your institute offers an intensive session of Arabic language where will be explained Matn Al Ajroumiya (Arabic grammar).

– You have to register, (the seminar will begin on: 24/08/2019), in cha’a Allah..
– The number of places is limited.

* Price of the full session: 70 GBP


Terms of the program:

Time information:

Duration of the session: Two months

Number of days per week: 2 days

Number of hours per day: 1h30

Teacher :

The Matn will be explained by the director.

Number of students :
The maximum number of students in the class will be 5. (The session starts with at least three students)

Didactic methodology
During the course, your institute offers you:

Explanation of Matn in a simple way.

A study of texts will answer a series of questions where will be applied rules of grammar seen in the lesson of the day.

At the end of each class, a part of it will be dedicated to the application of grammar rules to oral.

Homework will be given to students and corrected in class with the teacher.

Evaluation and certification:

At the end of the seminar, the student will take an exam.

Depending on the level of success of the student, an Ijaza (certification) will be awarded. The Ijaza will have the role of:

  • State that the student has completed our training.
  • Certify the skill level of the student to explain matn (Ajroumiya).

Required conditions:

The student must:

Have reached the second level of the Daralfasaha program or the third level in other institutes.

Follow all the courses of the seminar. Only two absences will be tolerated in case of absolute necessity, beyond two absences certification will not be given even if the student passed the final exam.

Important mention:
* The administration will send the book to the students (PDF format, free).
Price of the full session:  70 GBP