Please read carefully before registration

Attention Please!!
It is not permissible to talk about defects regarding DarAlFasaha’s administration or teachers or any other website.
Our chest is open to all sincere advice from you, and we appreciate that and you will be welcomed. A Muslim is a mirror to his brother and man is weak being alone and strong with his brothers. The administration therefore hope of every real Muslim to send the advice to those who deserve it, with good discipline and approach to be accepted by the administration. We thank all hands assist to complement our shortcomings, and to Allah we ask for aid, and it is He who guides to the right path.

After registration and fee payment no refund will be made.

Student adheres to the schedule without delay or absence.

The maximum number of absences allowed per level is four, after this the student won’t be set for the final exam or pass the level

If the study began in the agreed period, there will not be any alteration in classes’ times or level duration, unless it’s appropriate for the teacher.

If students are late or absent more than once in the same level then they are not due to compensation but they may follow the recorded lesson which he missed.

The Inform of an absence should be at least one day in advance.

If any student is late for more than 15 minutes per lesson, class will be cancelled and students will be marked as absent.

Any student facing a problem should contact the administration immediately

If any teacher is late for a reason, time of delay will be calculated and compensated at the end of the level.

Students are only allowed to begin their levels after fees are fully paid.