Discover our learning program and review the Quran, for people wanting to learn or improve the rules in the recitation of the words of Allah.

Graduate professors

All our teachers have the required skills and the diploma to teach the Quran according to the correct method

Several methods

Discover our methods of learning and correcting the reading of the Qur’an as well as the rules of tajweed

We have two learning methods for the study of the Qur’an:

1/ Learning the Quran with the rules of tajweed

Learning Quran with Tajweed rules. Students will learn from the glorious Qur’an according to their ability, with a minimum of one new page and reviewing two pages per session. Knowing that there are two sessions per week, it will a total of two new pages and four revised pages per week. The review will be based on what the student learned before being submitted to DarAlFasaha, not on what he learned during the level. Also Tajweed rules will be studied theoretically in details. Exams will be accumulative to all previous learned lessons.

2/ Correction of reading and learning the rules of tajweed

Proper Recitation of the glorious Qur’an: This is for students who does not have the ability to memorize Qur’an or study Tajweed Rules in details. They will study Qur’an through the “Repeat after me “method with Tajweed rules correction. There will be no professional written tests in this method. .

Discover our program in 3 steps

Here every step of our learning program of the Qur’an

The main objective of this phase is to enable students read Qur’an and to improve their reading skills.

Level one
For students who can’t read from the Noble Quran.

  • The book of “Al Qa’ida An-Nuraniyyah” . ((reading book in relation whith the Koran and which enable the student, once assimilated the book to read the Quran alone).
  • Memorize the Surah’s from “Al Asr to An Nas “
Level two
For students who can read from the Noble Quran. Includes Studying the following Tajweed lessons:

  • Rules of Nūn and Meem Mushaddadah.
  •  Rules of Nūn sākinah and tanwīn.
  •  Rules of Mīm sākinah .
Level three
Students who have finished Juz’Amma and have some knowledge of Tajweed rules study Includes studying the following Tajweed lessons:

  • Rules of Laam sākinah.
  •  Rules of Madd.
  •  Rules of “Qalqalah”.

Including a revision on “level-one” lessons.

The objective of this phase is to know the articulation points of Arabic letters and its characteristics to improve the recitation of the noble Qur’an.

Level four
who have studied Juz’Amma and have a good knowledge of Tajweed Includes studying The following Tajweed lessons:

  • Articulation points of Qur’anic Letters.
  • Letters’ mistakes.
Level five
who studied Articulation points, and can read very well. Includes studying the following Tajweed lessons:

  • Letters Attributes (Sifat).
  • Iste’aza & Basmala. (demand protection from Allah and reading the name of Allah)
Level six
who have studied articulation points, and wants to improve her recitation Includes the following Tajweed lessons:

  • Tafkheem & Tarqeeq (thickness & thinness).
  •  Errors in pronunciation and its sections.
  • Linkages between letters

The objective of this phase is to study advanced Tajweed lessons to correct the slightest faults in reciting the glorious Qur’an to make students’ recitation to perfection.

Level seven:
This phase is for those who have studied Tajweed lessons at all preceding levels, including the attributes of letters, and would like to improve their reading and to enhance their recitation of the Noble Qur’an. This level includes:

  •  Revision of the Tajweed lessons that has been previously studied and specifically on the less acquired by the student point
  • This level is an introduction to the last phase. After fulfilling these levels , students will be finishing studying the glorious Qur’an.
Level eight
Includes some advanced Tajweed lessons as follows:

  • Haa Al Kenaya “Metonymy”.
  •  Hamzat Al-Waṣl and Hamzat Al-Qaṭa‘.
Level nine
Includes some advanced Tajweed lessons as follows:

  • Convergence of two Sakin Letters.
  • Stopping at the end of words.
  •  The Connected and The Separated.
Level ten
Includes some advanced Tajweed lessons as follows:

  • Stopping and Starting.
  •  Deletion and Proofing.
After these levels, students should proceed with “Khatma level” and memorize Quran depending on her abilities till Insha’Allah she gets Ijazah of Rewayat Hafs, as well as studying “Matn al Jazaryya – Poem of Imam Al Jazary” and other Arabic Tajweed poems will be available upon request. Studying at that level is private and the student can determine its duration provided that it won’t be less than four hours per month, and fees are calculated as a per hour rate.

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