Learn arabic online

Learn Arabic on the Internet with a comprehensive course
Learn to read, write, and speak Arabic fluently


Learn Quran online

Quran courses online, with qualified professors

Learn the Quran online with the best teachers, and in the best way , the provisions of Tajweed, a program to memorize the Quran, a comprehensive program to review the Quran.



Arabic language

Learn Arabic online with a program of Arabic courses that has been studying and taught for many years, now by the grace of Allah and has proven itself in foreign students.


Qur'an courses

You want to learn the Qur’an, memorize the Qur’an and learn the rules of Tajweed, revise your acquired Quran or perfect yourself, Our qualified teachers are there for you.


Arabic Course and Quran for Children

Because education begins at an early age, a program to learn Arabic and the Koran adapted specifically for children has been set up.


« Imam Ash-shafee said (raheemaho Allah) Whoever is proficient in grammar he is guided to all sciences. »

Imam Ash-shafei


 With Daralfasaha you have the freedom to study wherever you are.

You can study from the comfort of your home or your office when you are free from work or during a break, without any restrictions. Study on any device using our online educational software.


Fill out the registration form on the page that shows you the form. Skype address is required, so be sure to get a Skype account before registering for Daralfasaha. Once you have completed the registration form will show you the entrance exam, and will also receive it via e-mail, and should be required to answer questions, to determine the appropriate level for you, we will send to you the answer within 12 hours. And we’ll tell you the appropriate level, and the start date of the study.

Follow the Quraan and the Arabic language lessons online with your teacher

Using the virtual classroom during the session, with all that is needed in a real classroom, such as the blackboard, pens and sound, and students can raise there hand to ask a question, etc . This makes it easier for the student to follow the lessons in complete comfort. The management of the Institute will explain how to enter the online class, and use alternative ways to communicate available if faced with difficulties in understanding the Teacher.

Extra Information

When a student completes any level, there will be an exam to determine if the student has understood the lessons. And a full-time Ustadh(teacher) will oversee the students in all phases of the study, which helps the student understand his lessons in order to move forward in the best way, and especially to understand the lessons. Once the student understands the lessons then they can move to the next level. Until they reach their goal, God willing.

Your classes are recorded on the Website

All the classes are recorded online in a secure site on Daralfasaha. You can connect to the recordings on a special website for you so that you can revise your lessons.

Beneficial programme

After completion of the Arabic language curriculum after several years, and provided scholarships for several students certificates stamped by the Institute grace of Allah.

ffective pace

With several classes a week, the student can take the way that would allow him to advance quickly.

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