Discover our learning program and review the Quran, for people wanting to learn or improve the rules in the recitation of the words of Allah.

For children, three possible formulas

In each formula that you are offered you have the choice to study: Arabic & Quran, or only Arabic or only the Quran

Formula 1

1 student
  • 4 lessons / week

Formula 2

1 student
  • 3 lessons / week

Formula 3

1 student
  • 2 lessons / week

Duration of the session: 4 weeks for 45 mins / class

Quran a session was organized for children by establishing an education system so that they are able to read any word in the Holy Quran. We present a simple and suitable for children program, using different educational resources so that they enjoy learning.

At the first level, your child’s own books first studied at the institute. This, to be ready to study the program for child of Saudi Arabia in Arabic. The books of the Institute are provided for children who do not speak Arabic properly. The courses are only available in particular

This study is aimed at children (boys only) (From 9-13 years)


– For children under the age of nine, they can study via the website: – Girls of all ages can also study the site: (as it is for women only) * Your child must pass an oral exam small skype. * Note: there must be a parent of the child during any course

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